we shine the light

on your story…



Not just a media company

A media pioneer treasuring your story.

  • In a world where technology is changing – using the latest is important to leverage all that is available at the time and maintaining that is key – this is our story.
  • A pioneer is motivated by creativity and is not intimidated by the blank screen – this is our story. 
  • Thousands of hours of assets managed/edited/consulted – this is our story.

How we Shine the light on your story

NV Media Prod

Your story on camera. On-site recording, event/conference recording, infomercial production, tv commercial production. NVMEDIA Prod also provides Post Production editing services and now Video Media consulting for churches and non-profits.

NV Media Marketing

Your business/organization's story standing out in the crowd. Creating commercial campaigns for clients that yield results. Lead generation technology that leverages social media with your brand. As well as expanding it into TV via our relationship with local cable tv.

ROKU Channel Dev

Your story to the world. ROKU has 68% of the streaming market share. Your channel should never be private but public because your story is worth it. Where others offer this for free as a package CDN and then hold you hostage we do not. We build you fill with content.


Your story told to families of the next generation. The flagship of Nueva Vida Media - the first and only bilingual family friendly TV channel in the U.S. reaching thousands through ROKU and Amazon and soon over numerous locations in the U.S.

Our Process


We take a little pride in delivering results not just services. This part of our process we will sit with you face to face to learn what your goals are, help you define them (if needed) and how we can achieve synergism our efforts for your success. Essentially create your story brand.

The proposal

This is where the magic happens using the information gathered during the planning phase. This will tell the HOW to your story. We meticulously do our research and develop a custom proposal for you and how much investment it would take to accomplish your goals.

3-2-1 Go!

It's go Time! After you approve the "logistics" of our synergy together - we get to work on the plan. as the plan progresses we keep you informed of its progress by either providing analytics, reporting or a simple email letting you know where we are at. Communication as we make your story shine is KEY for us.

Webinar on Getting your Story SEEN

Marc Garcia’s experience in media has transcended more than 24 years. From music production, to pulpit, to President of Nueva Vida Media. Register for this free upcoming webinar on how to get your story seen by thousands on a budget and what to avoid while doing it.


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Media Fact

Streaming TV

Is it really taking over?

Quick Answer:

Yes And No

Streaming TV channels are popping up everywhere and because of the vast numbers there is no way it can overtake regular TV. However in the number of options (as of 2018) if we were to give them all channels on a ROKU device it would total more than 257,635 channels IMAGINE THAT!

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Media Fact


really the first and only?

Quick Answer:

Yes And No

yeah we copied the previous answer... Here is why - we have searched high and low for others not to compete but to seek someone who can help model this and we have found none. Two other times, two other people tried it but failed - mainly because their model was the big conglomerates like Univision and Telemundo. We are very different from them based on content and demographics.

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Media Fact

What is #1 problem

with churches who use media as outreach?

Quick Answer:


With the growth of technology, camera quality and video quality is pretty darn good. The challenge is lighting. Many churches do not have adequate lighting or their team does not have enough training to properly run through the pre-process such as: White balance, color correction/adjustment (if needed). AND then the #1 (tie) would be audio. But subscribe to get more..

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